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The Story so far

Back in the mid-eighties, Kevin Tilley and Simon Edwards both started out working for Inset Conferences.

In 1999 they linked up again to form their own company, ProStage Europe Ltd

They set up their workshop in Chertsey, but very quickly realised that they were going to need more space.

The business rapidly grew, so in 2000 they moved to their current location at Watersplash farm in Lower Sunbury.

The farm provided them with a much needed 15000 square feet and 3 workshops.

And the much-needed storage space for the stock that had been accumulated.

As time has gone by, the number of staff has increased, and we are proud of the fact that our talented team has changed very little over the years.


This mixture of regular freelancers and local craftsmen has meant “the yard” has been a busy hub of Industry year on year. Then Covid came along in December 2019, and in 2020 changed the industry.

Conventional Live Events; Exhibitions, Conferences and Corporate Awards almost completely disappeared in a matter of weeks.

Like many in our industry, we have found getting through this period a challenge.

The need to diversify meant the company got involved with projects outside our normal remit.

We are now hearing from Old and new friends again . the conference and exhibition scene is getting back on its feet. Trucks with timber and materials are coming back through our gates and the sounds of machinery cutting and staple guns firing throughout the day is a joy to listen to.

We go again !!!


We are always happy to  work with your ideas, your plans, however big or small. We are here to support you with our experience, advice and expertise.

Our team will work with you from first enquiry, through to final delivery and sign off, delivering your project on time, in budget, and with a minimum of fuss.

Where it is deemed necessary, we will arrange for at least one of our project managers or carpenters who has handled your project to be part of the team on site.

OUR Project managers

We want to produce a great service for our clients. To engage with them. To take care of all their requirements in the best way we can. The mindset to take on the challenge of turning the impossible to possible.

We are committed to helping our clients to prosper and win the repeat business. No job is too small; we value every undertaking of work. If our clients are happy, then we are happy.


Our Carpenters in the Workshop

Our Construction team are busy bees who take pride in creating reality from your visions. Stock set flatage, Lecterns, staging panels, and one off  bespoke build all receive the same attention to detail  to ensure everything that is sent out to you is ready to be part of  your  successful event.


Our Carpenters on site

Our teams that come to site are also vastly experienced, willing and able to complete your project to the high standards that we set. We like to ensure that you are always happy before anyone leaves site.

“If you’re Happy we are Happy”.



The Environment is fast becoming the number one issue for Businesses and the Public alike. We have all seen the visible impacts of Climate change in the news and on some of our doorsteps. Flash floods and wildfires are becoming a regular occurrence. Most Scientists around the globe attribute this to Global Warming.

The spotlight on the roll small and large  firms are to play is  important for our future. Prostage Europe is committed to change where we can and working with our clients and suppliers to innovate and adapt.

Achieving net zero, switching products that are more Environmentally friendly will be challenging  but need to be addressed if we are to safeguard our planet for our future  generations. Change is required and must not be ignored.

We will  aim to re-use wherever we can, repurpose if we can’t reuse and recycle where we cannot repurpose. Everyone will need help and advice to improve the way they  run their  businesses. If everyone makes  small changes we will end up with meaningful change.

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